This month on the Relapse Records Podcast we're hitting you right at the end of 2010 with a recap of the year gone by plus a look ahead to 2011 with a preview of a brand new track from Abysmal Dawn as well as exclusive songs from Dying Fetus, Brutal Truth and 16! Plus the man who has his hand in everything, Danny Walker, stops by to talk to Viking Phil about his many projects including Exhumed, Murder Construct, Intronaut and more! Plus we have another round of classic tracks from the Relapse Vault, tons of news and an insane amount of holiday humbug to go around. DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN AND TURN IT UP!

Dying Fetus – Eviscerated Offspring, 16 – Asian Heat, Buzzoven – Mainline, Cough – Crooked Spine, Circle of Animals – The Invisible War (Justin Broadrick Remix), Dukatalon – Vagabond, Incantation – Golgotha, Dillinger Escape Plan – Fix Your Face, Exhumed - Waxwork, Uphill Battle - Forked Tongue, Murder Construct - I Am That, Human Remains - Weeding Out The Thorns, Mastodon - Where Strides The Behemoth, Abysmal Dawn - In Service of Time, Brutal Truth – Walking Corpse 2112









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The October edition of the Relapse Records Podcast has arrived and we have an incredible one-on-one interview with Kirk Windstein! Viking Phil caught up with Kirk, the guitarist and vocalist for numerous bands including Kingdom of Sorrow, Down and Crowbar, to not only discuss his music but also his journey through rehab. Along with exclusives from Tombs, Noisear, Phobia Control denied, Putrid Pile and Viral Load! Plus, as always, we have exclusive news and giveaways so come celebrate Halloween metal style!l It's the Relapse Records Podcast DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN, AND TURN IT UP!

Titan - Wooded Altar Beyond the Wander, Red Fang - Reverse Thunder, Noisear - LI(F)E, Phobia - Life's Animosity, Kill The Client - No Leaders, Godflesh - Wilderness of Mirrors, Mortician - Chainsaw Dismemberment, Tombs - Darker Than Your Night, Broughton's Rules - Broadside, Control Denied - What if, Viral Load - Cod Piece Face, Putrid Pile - A Fitting End, Kingdom of Sorrow - From Heroes to Dust, Kingdom of Sorrow - Lead The Ghosts Astray, Soilent Green - Leaves of Three, Mastodon - Shadows That Move

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On the September Edition of the Relapse Records Podcast we wrap up the summer with brand new and exclusive music from Cephalic Carnage, Control Denied and Phobia, as well as an exclusive in-depth interview with Paul from Black Anvil! Plus we give you a first look at the label's latest signings along with the chance to win all sorts of free Shit from Kingdom of Sorrow and Cephalic Carnage! DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN AND TURN IT UP!

Cephalic Carnage – When I Arrive, Cephalic Carnage – Grindcore Blastbeat Blues, Buried Inside – V, Necrophagist – Only Ash Remains, Inevitable End – The Severed Inception, Kill The Client – As Roaches, Mose Giganticus – The Great Deceiver, Control Denied – Consumed, Black Anvil – 777, Black Anvil – Dead and Left, Incantation – Impending Diabolical Conquest, Disfear – The Final of Chapters, Murder Construct – No Savior, Royal Thunder – Mouth of Fire, Jucifer – Pontius of Palia, Amorphis – Black Winter Day, Phobia – Sickening Discretion, Father Befouled – Vomiting Impurity

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On the sixth episode of the Relapse Records Podcast we have world premier tracks from Unearthly Trance and Today Is The Day plus we have exclusive songs from Cephalic Carnage and Hero Destroyed. Sanford Parker, the influential musician/producer stops by to talk about his many projects including Minsk, Circle of Animals and The High Confessions! Like a six month old toddler we're coming at you kicking and screaming this is the one and only Relapse Records Podcast! DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN AND TURN IT UP!


Devourment – Unleash the Carnivore, Complete Failure – Suggestive Force of Subliminal Notation, Kingdom Of Sorrow - Along The Path To Ruin, Baroness – War, Wisdom, and Rhyme, Dysrhythmia – Festival of Popular Delusions, Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - Nothing Defeats The Skill, Circle Of Animals - All Spirit/No Mind, The High Confessions - Mistaken For Cops, Minsk - Almitra’s Premonition, Neurosis - Aeon, Today Is The Day - Temple Of The Morning Star, Cephalic Carnage – Abraxis Of Filth, Hero Destroyed – That’s An Axe, Coliseum – Defeater, Deceased – Morbid Shape In Black, Today Is The Day - Martial Law, Unearthly Trance - Sleeping While They Feast

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On The June Edition of the Relapse Records Podcast, Scott Hull, Guitarist for Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Pig Destroyer, takes over the podcast and plays some of his favorite tracks from his latest compilation album, This Comp Kills Facists Vol 2. Scott also sit's down with Viking Phil for an exclusive interview as well as picks some of his favorite Relapse classic tracks! DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN AND TURN IT UP!


Indian - The Sycophant, Cough - Northern Plague, Complete Failure - Craft of discontent, Weekend Nachos - Bleed, Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Timelord two, Pig Destroyer - Trojan Whore, Scott Hull - Vista All'Ospedale, Brutal Truth - You Should Know Better, Agents of Satan - Skrote Skin Mask, Spoonful of Vicodin - Totally Brutal News Exposure, Maruta - Behind the Steel Curtain, Shitstorm - Paranoid Existence, Insect Warfare - Disassembler, Lack of Interest - There Is No Tomorrow, Despise You - All The Regimes You Hold Most Dear, Social Infestation - Dirty Harry Syndrome, Crom - Hags, Owen Hart - My Grandma's Fucking A Tranny From Alaska, Population Reduction - Time Hecklers, Extortion - Incinerate, Triac - Seed Sower, Apartment 213 - Sadist, Drugs Of Faith - Loss Of Credibility, Unsane - Sick, Today Is The Day - As High As The Sky, Anal Cunt - Radio Hit

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On the May Edition of the Relapse Records Podcast we have an exclusive interview with Jason Netherton, bassist and vocalist for Misery Index! Plus new music from Black Tusk and a preview of This Comp Kills Facists Vol. 2! That's a lot of show! And of course we will be slamming ya'll with news and tour information as well as the chance to win prize packs from Dying Fetus and Black Tusk! You do not want to miss this one! DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN, AND TURN IT UP!


Death - Spirit Crusher, Mose Giganticus - The Left Path, The High Confessions - Chlorine and Crystal, Fuck The Facts - State of Panic, Coalesce - The Blind Eye, Pentagram - Lazylady, Misery Index - You Lose, Amorphis - Drowned Maid, Misery Index - The Illuminaught, Black Tusk - Unleash The Wrath, Noisear - Recycled Existance, Despise You - Repeat Until You Fail, Exhumed - Open The Abscess, Today is The Day - Marked, Kingdom of Sorrow - Enlightened to Extinction

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On the third installment of the Relapse Records Podcast we have brand spankin' new music from Misery Index and Brian Posehn as well as an exclusive interview with Vince Hausman from Howl! Plus were giving YOU the chance to win autographed prize packs from Baroness and Obscura! This month's podcast is one for the history books! So stop what you're doing and DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN AND TURN IT UP!


Brian Posehn - "More Metal Than You"

Horseback - "The Invisible Mountan" Dying Fetus - "Hopeless Insurrection" Black Anvil - "Ten Talons Deep" Baroness - "The Gnashing" Incantation – "Rotting Spiritual Embodiment" High on Fire – "Speedwolf" Howl - "Heavenless" Black Tusk - "Embrace The Madness" Howl - "And The Gnawing" Criminal Element – "Backstabber" Kingdom of Sorrow - "Free The Fallen" Misery Index - "The Carrion Call"

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On the March 2010 edition of the Relapse Records Podcast we have exclusive world Premiers from Rotten Sound and Culted as well as an exclusive interview with Bobby Ferry of 16! This is certainly an episode you don’t want to miss! DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN AND TURN IT UP!

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The Relapse Podcast debut!  Full of music from Misery Index, Revocation, Mastodon and so much more!  On the February 2010 edition we have an exclusive interview with Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust as well as a world premier from Obscura!  DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN AND TURN IT UP!

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