On the September Edition of the Relapse Records Podcast we wrap up the summer with brand new and exclusive music from Cephalic Carnage, Control Denied and Phobia, as well as an exclusive in-depth interview with Paul from Black Anvil! Plus we give you a first look at the label's latest signings along with the chance to win all sorts of free Shit from Kingdom of Sorrow and Cephalic Carnage! DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN AND TURN IT UP!

Cephalic Carnage – When I Arrive, Cephalic Carnage – Grindcore Blastbeat Blues, Buried Inside – V, Necrophagist – Only Ash Remains, Inevitable End – The Severed Inception, Kill The Client – As Roaches, Mose Giganticus – The Great Deceiver, Control Denied – Consumed, Black Anvil – 777, Black Anvil – Dead and Left, Incantation – Impending Diabolical Conquest, Disfear – The Final of Chapters, Murder Construct – No Savior, Royal Thunder – Mouth of Fire, Jucifer – Pontius of Palia, Amorphis – Black Winter Day, Phobia – Sickening Discretion, Father Befouled – Vomiting Impurity

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